8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lanzarote

Lanzarote attracts lots of tourists each and every year for multiple reasons. However, it’s not just a great place for sunbathing, there are a lot of hidden treasures within the island and things that people don’t know about. From exotic camel rides to historic volcanoes, there’s really no end to what Lanzarote has to offer to its hundreds of thousands of visitors all year round. We wanted to share with you a few of our favourite hidden secrets in Lanzarote, and some of the things that aren’t necessarily as popular with the visitors, so that when you come you can really make the most of your trip and see what the island has to offer.


1. You can see a volcano

Lanzarote tends to be viewed as a typical, sunny tourist destination with lots of beaches, bars and restaurants, but one thing that is less known of, is the volcano. Located in the Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote is home to a big volcano that was active and erupted over the course of six years during the 1700s. Timanfaya National Park is now a beautiful volcanic landscape, that tourists can view and explore during their trip.


2. The markets of Costa Teguise

The markets of Costa Teguise can often go unheard of by tourists, but they are certainly something you don’t want to miss. There are hundreds of stalls containing everything from homemade products, to holiday souvenirs, and even fashionable handbags and accessories. This is a great way to spend a little bit of your day, perhaps before sitting down or a nice meal or having some drinks in the evening.


3. Nearby islands

Now Lanzarote definitely isn’t short of beaches, but some of these can get a little busy throughout the day. If you’re looking for something a bit more private and relaxed, you can get a short ferry to the nearby islands where there are small yet beautifully peaceful and quiet beaches that are visited by far less tourists. One of these is La Graciosa, and it’s a place we highly recommend if you want to take a break and relax somewhere a little quieter but with just as much to offer!


4. The red mountain

If walking and spectacular views are something that appeal to you, you will love the red mountain of Montaña Roja – a fantastic spot for watching the sunset! There is a popular tourist path, and this leads up to the top where you can enjoy stunning views of the whole of Playa Blanca.


5. Underwater sculpture museum

Lanzarote is home to Europe’s very first underwater sculpture museum, ideal for diving and snorkeling! 12 metres deep into the ocean, it allows you to swim down to the bottom and view some very impressive sculptures. So, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something a bit different and explore some of the culture, this would be the perfect activity for you.


6. Explore the caves

As we mentioned a little earlier in the blog, the volcano in Lanzarote erupted many years ago, and it lead to lots of unique caves being formed. This leaves for great sightseeing and tourist spots. Some aren’t actually accessible to the public, but others allow you to walk through and explore.


7. The best music festivals

Lanzarote hosts spectacular annual music festivals, that see lots and lots of visitors coming to the island. They have all kinds of festivals going on all throughout the year, so no matter when you go, your trip could coincide with one of these and it could add a really great touch to the holiday. So, before you come, be sure to do a bit of research and check out what festivals you might be able to attend!


8. Camel rides

It may sometimes come as a shock to people, but there are camel rides available just about everywhere in Lanzarote. This tends to be very popular with tourists, as it’s a fantastic experience and means you can enjoy the islands’ views in a slightly different way!