Fancy a Boat Trip?

What better way to see the island than out at sea? Lanzarote really does have a lot to offer in the way of views, from the volcanic landscape, to the sandy shores, to the stunning marine life you can find nearby. Here at Villa Elena, we recommend that you go on at least one boat trip during your stay. There are boat trips and excursions to suit just about anybody. From sightseeing, to thrill seeking, the islands’ boat trips are just another way you can personalise your holiday here in Lanzarote!

To give you a bit more of an idea of what’s on offer, we’ve listed a few of the boats that run daily and what there is to them.



Submarine Safari

Have you ever wanted to go on a submarine? Well, now is your chance! Dubbed as an “underwater experience of a lifetime” this diving submarine is something you won’t forget. If diving is something you’re into, then this is the perfect way to spend a bit of time during your stay in Lanzarote. It allows you to go diving deep into the ocean, amongst some of the islands wildlife.


Dolphin and whale watching

There are several boats available that take you out to sea to get up close with some of the wildlife on the island. There are boats that take you out for different lengths of time, but with most you are guaranteed to see some dolphins and whales up close in their natural habitat. These boats do tend to travel quite fast, too, as this creates waves and encourages the dolphins to swim alongside and chase the boat! This is a great day trip and one of the most popular ones available, as it appeals to all the family and is a great experience.



Get the ferry over to Fuerteventura

This short day ferry allows you to explore another of our beautiful Canary Islands. They run throughout the day via several ferry companies and the journey takes around 25 minutes. Fuerteventura is a very popular choice of the Canary Islands, receiving thousands and thousands of visitors each and every year. Similar to lanzarote, it’s a great spot for watersports due to the perfect winds and fantastic waves, so if you’re coming over to practice a sport such as surfing, you may want to check out what fuerteventura has to offer – be a little more adventurous! Fuerteventura really is a beautiful island. At such a short distance and with the ability to travel in style and enjoy all the lovely views of the island along the way, we’d definitely recommend this one!


Papagayo Luxury Cruise

This is a much more relaxing option, mainly chosen for the sightseeing and stunning views of the island, and it’s certainly more adult orientated. Costa de Papagayo is notorious for its beautiful golden beaches. The cruise goes from Puerto del Carmen, but don’t worry, if you’re not staying directly in this area, they do provide transport to get you there. The trip lasts between 1-2 hours, and during that time guests can enjoy some delicious cocktails and spanish tapas and paella. Where better to sunbathe than out at sea?!




If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, a 20 minute ride on this exhilarating speedboat will definitely be something to remember and add a bit of excitement to your day. For a fun and exciting boat trip we’d recommend this above all as it has you bouncing along the waves and showing you the island at a very fast pace!