Why a Villa Holiday Could Be Perfect for You

Some people like to play it safe when it comes to holidays. They prefer to stick with what they know, which for many, means staying in a hotel. However, this could mean that they are blissfully unaware of all of the fantastic benefits that come with staying in a villa. We want more and more people to learn about villa holidays, and why they could be perfect for them.

So, we’ve listed some of our favourite things about staying in a villa, and we hope you find it useful!

It’s cost effective

One of the best things about villa holidays are the cost benefits. If you’re travelling in a group and there are quite a few of you, staying in a villa together can save you a bit of money. It means that you can split the total cost of staying there between all of you, and due to villas being able to accomodate more people, this is more cost effective than for example two people paying to stay in one hotel room.

Furthermore, this also include costs when you’re there. For example, you don’t always have to eat out in a villa as you have the facilities to store and cook your own food. So, some nights you might want to have a bit of a chilled evening and a break from going out and spending money, so this presents the opportunity to pick a cheaper option and cook something yourself.

Ideal for groups

Staying in a villa means being able to travel in big parties and stay together. There doesn’t necessarily have to be loads of you, even as few as four of five people can benefit from a villa holiday. Villas commonly sleep up to eight people, but some go higher than this and so can accommodate even bigger parties. So, this saves you from being split up in a hotel, as you can all fit into the same place and enjoy more of your holiday together.

One thing people like to do on their holidays most, is sunbathing. And where do they do this? Round the pool! However, when you stay in a hotel, if you’re not up bright and early ready for the pool opening time, you can quite often find that you struggle to get a space, let alone one for a big group of people. This means that you end up separated. However, this isn’t an issue with a villa, as you have your own pool and can do things at your own pace.

More privacy

Staying in a villa is great for privacy and freedom. It allows you to relax and wind down a little better as its very private and out the way, and the only people staying in it are the people in your party. Villas also tend to be much more spacious and homely, so you don’t feel like you’re cramped in a little hotel room and you can actually settle in better.

There are communal areas but also private ones. For example, the kitchen, dining area, living room, but all of the bedrooms are individual and there can often be quite a few bedrooms in one villa. Some of these also come with ensuites, meaning that you can also have your own little bathroom, too.

You’re free to do things at your own pace

When staying in a villa, one of the biggest advantages, is that you can do things at your own leisurely pace. There are no restrictions or time restraints on anything. For example, there are always breakfast serving times in a hotel, meaning you need to be up and down there by a certain time to get your breakfast. Furthermore, staying in a villa means no more fighting for a sunbed around the pool, or only being able to use the pool between certain hours of the day, because you will have your very own.